8 Gauge Metra OFC Amplifier Installation Kit

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  • Designed for motorcycles
  • 6 foot length of red and black T-Spec OFC power and ground wire with a T-Spec V8MANL fuse holder and 60 amp fuse protected by a black nylon braid
  • Pre-terminated ring terminals make connections to the battery simple
  • Two 4 foot pieces of 16 gauge OFC speaker wire protected by black nylon mesh makes upgrading the factory speaker wires or adding new speakers a smart choice
  • Even for those upgrading the Harmon Kardon system – the ST-AK8 comes with two 47-ohm 1/2 watt resistors to keep the factory radio outputs active
  • All the necessary installation hardware is included along wtth a 4 × 6 inch hook and loop mounting pad for micro-amplifiers to hold the amplifier securely in place